Having Stargazer Lilies in Your Wedding

shutterstock_171266801If there’s one must-have flower for your wedding, it’s the stargazer lily. With their rich fragrance, large size and bold pink and while coloration, these flowers will add a little glam to any arrangement. At Eastern Floral, we can show you plenty of ways to spice up your wedding flowers with stargazers!


For the Bridal Bouquet


One of the best ways to showcase the stargazer lily is as a part of your bridal bouquet. A bouquet made entirely of stargazers is simple, but elegant. You can also mix them with flowers in bright shades like hot pink, purple or even yellow to create a joyful, glamorous look.


In Your Altar Arrangements


When mixed with tall flowers like gladioli, stocks, delphiniums or snapdragons, stargazer lilies make a stunning display. To bring attention to the altar, make sure to include plenty of these lilies as a way to highlight the base of the taller flowers in your altar arrangements.


For the Centerpieces and the Sweetheart Table


There are many ways to include stargazer lilies in your wedding reception. When you use them in centerpieces, they will fill the room with their wonderful fragrance. These lilies work especially well with red or pink roses, but you can also create centerpieces that feature stargazers against hydrangea, gerbera daisies and other wonderful flowers.


zoom_gazer22130911110604Why Choose Stargazer Lilies?


Aside from their fragrance and beauty, stargazer lilies are packed with symbolism. In 1978, Leslie Woodruff, a botanist, was attempting to create the perfect lily. The result was the stargazer. Because of Woodruff’s achievement, stargazers represent success and perfection.


However, these flowers have another meaning. The blooms of most Asiatic lilies point toward the ground, but the stargazer opens towards the sky. In fact, this is the reason why Woodruff gave these lilies the “stargazer” name. The upright nature of these blossoms has lent them the meanings of hope and celebration.


Throughout history, lilies of all types have been associated with the Virgin Mary and other symbols of purity and innocence. Because stargazers belong to the lily family, they have inherited these meanings as well.


If you need more reasons to choose the stargazer for your wedding, don’t hesitate to visit Eastern Floral’s website. You can find great ideas and inspiration within our galleries, or you can schedule an appointment with one of our talented florists so that you can start designing your wedding flowers.


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