How to Make Sure Your Summer Wedding is on Trend

shutterstock_143579107The countdown to your summer wedding is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience, and you want everything to look perfect. Hopefully, you’ve started your wedding planning well in advance of your summer nuptials. If you’re searching for ideas on how to make your wedding something out-of-the-ordinary, all it takes is a look at new summer wedding trends for this year.

The traditional white dress and bouquet of roses will never go out of style, but there are a number of fun customizations that can help your wedding truly stand out this summer.

Jeweled bouquet

Jeweled bouquet

Getting Creative with Bouquets

As you choose your colors and the flowers to match, you’ll design the wedding bouquet, as well as the centerpieces and other floral decorations that will appear on the wedding arch for your pastoral wedding or the pews of the church for your church ceremony.

One fancy option many brides are choosing for their wedding flowers is adding sparkling jewels and crystals to the arrangements. For example, you might choose a contemporary bouquet of lavender roses and white lilies that features sprigs of greenery doused in crystals or sequins.

Think of the glittering beauty of flowers dressed up with crystals and how your wedding party will sparkle under the sunshine of a blissful summer day.

Going Traditional with the Dress

For more than a decade, the most popular wedding dress style has been the classic strapless gown, but the recent marriage of Duchess Catherine and Prince William created a fervor all over the world for wedding dresses with long sleeves.

If you’re worried about long sleeves on a summer day, think of how beautiful fitted lace sleeves might look in the sunshine with your flowing rose and ivy cascade bouquet. You can go in many different directions with lace from a 60s-style flower child look to an antique, Victorian style with some subtle hints of modernity.

Cascading bouquet

Cascading bouquet

Another “cool” idea for your summer wedding is to wear a layered wedding dress. For example, perhaps you’ve chosen a church ceremony and a reception in the garden of a local hotel. You can choose a wedding dress with a cute little jacket for your ceremony that you can remove during the reception when things will heat up with the sunshine and dancing.

It probably feels like you have a million decisions to make for your wedding, but don’t worry! Just take everything one step at a time, and eventually everything will come together just as you’ve always dreamed.


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