How to Incorporate Flowers into Your Bridal Shower

UntitledAs wedding season approaches, it’s time to start planning for bridal showers. Most showers don’t take inspiration from the wedding for their theme, and that’s a good thing. Every bridal shower should be a unique and memorable event – not just for the bride, but also for guests. One of the most popular fashion trends, and one that’s expanding to decorating and other areas of design and entertaining, is boho chic.

A bridal shower that is inspired by boho chic can be a super fun and creative event for everyone. It’s a chance to let go of the traditional game-based bridal shower and allow guests to dabble in creativity, while mingling as they do it.

Bridal Guide shared the details of Desiree Hatsock’s bridal shower as she prepared to marry Chris Siegfried. Some people may recognize Hatsock because she appeared on a past season of the Bachelorette. Although she benefited from the resources of some professional planners, you don’t have to have those resources to plan a memorable boho chic-inspired bridal shower.

Decide on a Color Theme

Choosing a color theme is an important starting point for any bridal shower, but especially one that is incorporating Bohemian chick elements. Desiree Hatsock chose pink, yellow and orange as her main colors. Although the tablecloths were neutral – in a soft cream color, the napkins embraced the yellow and pink, and she even placed menu cards on each place setting. Menus were printed on pink paper, in keeping with the color scheme.

Activity and Beverage Stations

This bridal shower included some awesome and incredibly fun activities. One area focused on a craft project that allowed the women to make their own flower crowns. Planners made sure to equip the area with everything the girls needed to make unique flower crowns. After they finished making them, they wore them for the rest of the event.

At another activity station, the girls were able to customize their own perfumes by combining floral fragrances, essential oils and carrier oils. Each guest got to take their perfume creation home.

At the Fizz Station, girls were able to customize their own fizzy drinks. Instead of labeling stations with traditional stenciled letters, the labels used flower heads for a really whimsical and creative look.

Her menu was simple. The main course was quiche. Then there was a salad. Fruit, yogurt parfaits (topped with crunchy granola,) fruit salad and pastries rounded out the menu. The centerpieces consisted of bowls of yellow, pink, and orange flowers, in keeping with the color theme.

If you’re holding a bridal shower in early spring, you can give your guests some delightful party favors. Give each girl an elegant bag filled with annual flower seeds. The timing is perfect because you’ll be giving them to the guests right around planting time. Another possible gift is decorative pots that filled with forced spring bulbs that are already in bloom. The guests can enjoy the flowers as they bloom inside for now, but they can transplant them into the ground or to outdoor pots to enjoy again the next spring.

You can count on Eastern Floral to help you create an unforgettable floral bridal shower extravaganza.


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