Flowers to Set the Outdoor Wedding Mood

In the last several years, non-traditional wedding venues have remained at the top of couple’s wish lists. Outdoor weddings have also been popular, as the options seem almost endless, limited only by imagination. However, just as a traditional space begins largely as a blank slate and is transformed as per the couple’s taste; so an outdoor space begins as an open canvas for on which the perfect setting will be created. Wide open fields, beaches or orange groves are unique and full of character, yet still need that special décor to make them into a wedding venue. In this transformation, flowers play a vital role.

Flowers can be effectively utilized as boundaries, pathways and markers in an otherwise open venue; creating a beautiful flow that both visually enhances the space as well as serves to draw the eyes of the attendee continually to the bride and the ceremony.

outdoor wedding

Not only do flowers add the structure the space may need; but allows the weaving of the event’s color palettes into aisle flowers and centerpieces. Floral arrangements accentuate the overall ambiance of the wedding, regardless of motif. For instance, red rose petals and elegant glass vases with rosebuds may grace a more elegant wedding; while rustic and rare floral accents adorning wooden benches can be utilized to convey a country feel.

outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings also lend themselves to unique opportunity for creativity, especially if the overall event features a homemade, crafty feel. Flowers in jars or bottles can be suspended on trees, or hung on garden hooks. A single lily can float alongside a candle in a fishbowl centerpiece, or twining flowers can climb up tree trunks to provide beautiful natural columns. Whatever your outdoor venue – or idea of a dream wedding – our wedding consultants will work with you to create the perfect setting for your perfect day, effortlessly incorporating beautiful blooms and accents into your outdoor space. Call us today to get started; your spectacular outdoor wedding is just a few months away.


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