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vintage wedding

Congratulations! Your big day is coming up, and what is more classic than a vintage-themed wedding?

When considering how to decorate for a wedding, vintage is a perennially popular theme. “Vintage” simply refers to any element or detail of your celebration that is from a bygone era; if you’re planning an upcoming wedding, the inspiration for your vintage celebration may be hiding in your mother’s closet or your grandmother’s jewelry box.


One of the more prominent ways to incorporate vintage into your wedding is, of course, the dress. A wedding gown originally worn by an older member of your family is a thoughtful touch; a wrap or stole can take care of the “something old, something borrowed” aspect of the wedding tradition. If you don’t have a gown passed down through the generations, you can still embody a vintage vibe by choosing a dress with antique lace; pearl detailing and beading are classic accents. A headpiece made of glittering crystal “jewels”, dangling romantic earrings or antique white flowers adorned with feathers make for a classic Hollywood look.

vintage wedding


Another way to create the desired atmosphere of the day is to choose a vintage-inspired venue. Old brick buildings or century-old homes not only set the mood, but are beautiful backdrops for memorable photos. Even if you choose a contemporary convention or party space, you can transform it with retro lighting fixtures, candelabras and dangling jewel accents; as well as lace tablecloths and lush, romantic flowers like roses, lilies, hydrangea and peonies



At Eastern Floral, we know that your wedding day is the most important and memorable event of your life. If you choose a vintage theme, from the fun of the roaring 20’s to iconic 60’s style, we are here to assist you to to transform any venue into your dream wedding day. From bouquets to centerpieces to boutonnieres, Easter Floral of Grand Rapids is your wedding source.

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