Spring’s Most Beautiful (and Trending!) Bouquets

Spring has officially sprung, and with it arrives the season’s signature blooms. Spring’s floral riches include classic stunners like peonies and garden roses, but make no mistake, there’s a whole garden available, which brides are putting to work in bouquets that reflect a traditional as well as a modern approach. Eastern Floral loves working with brides on their bouquets this time of year, when the flowers just seem fresher, brighter and more lush.

We’re seeing a range of spring styles set to go down the aisle, each one dreamier and more romantic than the next. The loose, wild and free shape is still big, with many bouquets taking on a more oblong proportion. If your bridal look is sleek and minimalist, an over-sized, unstructured bouquet like this, where the flowers act as a living accent to your gown (and your glow), may be just the thing.

Spring is a wonderful time to introduce a pop of color into your bridal bouquet, and this year, the “It” palette is peach. This color may have grown out of the millennial pink spectrum, but it offers a much earthier feel. Peach is surprisingly multi-faceted and includes punchier hues like coral or tangerine within its fold. It also looks beautiful when combined with dustier tones that seem inspired by the desert. If your style is better represented by moodier, richer-toned flowers, this is still a great option for spring. Include bright pops of color to balance the deeper hues.

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Bouquets that center around one statement flower are full of drama and interest. Consider picking from the spring offerings or going with an unusual bloom that adds character to your bridal look. Peonies and ranunculus can take center stage in a bouquet that wants to elevate one flower above the rest. If you want to go the unusual route, put the focus on king protea, anthurium or orchid.

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Greens and other natural elements really distinguish your bouquet from the rest. We love a bridal bouquet that splits itself between vibrant flowers and interesting greens or other natural elements that add texture. Jasmine vine, acacia, foliage and fern give your bouquet an earthy, woodsy appeal. We love the look of a bouquet that puts a succulent or an air plant at its heart, too.

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Spring is a veritable showcase of what’s possible in bridal bouquets these days. It’s so easy to be inspired by them all.



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