Brides and Grooms, Meet Jason and Molly.

We want to lift the veil (pun intended) here at Eastern Floral Weddings and reveal the two people on our team who always take the plunge with their brides and grooms, our wedding consultants,  Jason Rudicil, who handles our Lakeshore weddings, and Molly Tiesma, who covers Grand Rapids. These two are with couples every step of the way, and we got them to dish on everything from their best advice for brides and grooms headed down the aisle to their favorite place to grab a bite.

What’s your favorite floral trend?

Jason: My favorite floral trend has to be the shift towards naturals. We seem to be moving away from synthetically made accents and trending more towards the fun natural products like bark wrap, flat cane and midolino. Going natural is best for our planet. We are even using some biodegradable containers and floral foam too!

Molly: I’m a huge fan of brightly-colored boho bouquets. I love playing with unique textures and draping, flowing foliage, with pops of bright, fun colors, like corals, tangerines, yellows and shades of green. I love that these bold bouquets are shining bright this year!

What flower best represents you?

Jason: The flower that I feel best represents me is Banksia. It is an Australian flower that is used more here as a focal point in contemporary design, but also plays its role well in traditional designs. It represents me because while I love to make contemporary designs, I know that I can succeed in doing so because of the structure of the traditional designs that helped shape me into the designer that I am today.

Molly: Orchids. They’re a symbol of strength because they grow in so many different terrains and come in a stunning array of varieties. They’re resilient and adaptable and have so many unique shades and shapes. I love to use them as a reminder to always be strong and flexible in all aspects of my life.

What is your favorite local spot to eat?

Jason: My favorite local spot to eat is MidiCi in Holland. While I am one to shy away from chain restaurants, I love everything about this place. The Neapolitan pizza style they have is one of a kind, and the salads are always so fresh, crisp and clean! My favorite dish has to be the buratta with melon and prosciutto!

Molly: I love sushi! Sushi Maru in Grand Rapids is so stylish and fun. They have so many creative pieces to choose from. For me, the spicier the better!

If you could only give one piece of advice to brides and grooms, what would it be? 

Jason: Take care of your wedding plans sooner than later. Being more prepared means that you will not let the little things bother you, and you will enjoy your big day so much more!

Molly: I’m always reminding my couples to make sure to think of your day-of coordinating. Whether you have a professional coordinator, or at the very least, a Master and/or Mistress of Ceremonies, this detail really ensures that the day runs smoothly and that you are not bombarded with any questions or issues that may arise. Let someone else take care of the day-of details, so you can relax and enjoy every moment!

What’s your biggest inspiration that drives what you do?

Jason: The smiles. It doesn’t matter if it is for a wedding, event or just an everyday design. I love to see the smiles that flowers bring out in people. When I see that smile, I know that the work is worth it. Especially when a child smiles and loves what we do. It is just so rewarding.

Molly: I absolutely love collaboration and learning from my peers. I’m always doing research on Instagram and blogs, looking for other creative individuals out there that are making the world a little brighter with exploration and fun. I’m really drawn to people that are passionate about what they do. I absolutely adore working with flowers, and I love seeing all of the creativity that is happening in this industry!

Fun fact you’d like to share?

Jason: Did you know that sunflower stems were once used in some of the very first life preservers. The stems are very buoyant!

Molly: In my spare time, I like to play the ukulele! I’m always looking for new, fun ways to be creative, and the ukulele is so fun and relaxing.

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