Gorgeous Garlands For Your Reception Tables

How much do we here at Eastern Floral Weddings love a table garland? Let us count the ways.

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ONE: Garlands go the distance—literally. Communal, farm-style tables are by design long and graciously sized. Dressing them with a sufficient number of centerpieces can be a real challenge, but top that table with a sprawling garland and problem solved.

TWO: Sure, garlands give your wedding guests something beautiful to look at, but they also give them something to look over, at the other wedding guests, their dinner mates for the better part of an evening. Garlands don’t interfere with line of sight, allowing your nearest and dearest to connect with each other and to see the happy couple. Everyone gets the best view of the centerpiece, too.

THREE: Garlands are downright gorgeous, but they’re also versatile pieces of decor. They work with both a minimal theme or a more opulent one. They can be delicate and simple or lush and studded with blooms. Embellish them with votives, citrus or other elements, or simply allow them to serve as both centerpiece and runner on a spare, unfettered table, no embellishment required.

We could go on, but we’d rather show you the many ways you can style your table with garlands.

Spare But Not Sparse

A river of willow eucalyptus with a touch of baker fern here and there pops against this all-white table, giving it just enough texture and visual interest.

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Jasmine vine provides a similar effect here alongside potted succulents, giving this table some garden charm. Garlands can also add a sense of movement to the table, especially when they are naturally fluid and curled, as vines are.

Emerald beauty Italian ruskus is stunning on its own or with roses inserted.

The Billings Photography

Robyn and Finch Photography

Built Up And Lush

Willow eucalyptus can be built out and up and then set off by pink majolika spray roses. The look is lavish and decadent, a solid support to votives and pillar candles.

Taylor J. Photography

Bring your garland game to the sweetheart table, too. Here Italian ruskus gives off a feeling of abundance and romance as it hosts a garden of roses and dahlias.


Weddings by Adrienne & Amber

The flat, pale green faces of silver dollar eucalyptus leaves give off tons of texture. Marsala dianthus and quicksand roses play up the drama factor of this thick, fragrant garland.

Serve up some nature on your reception tables and fall in love with garlands.


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