Flowers In Their Hair

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Wedding hair is an art unto itself. Brides spend months perfecting their look with a stylist, turning to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration until finally bringing the vision to life. One of the most popular embellishments to any style, from boho waves to elaborate braids, is flowers.

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Women across cultures have been adorning their hair with flowers since antiquity, with no signs of stopping. After all, everyone from Ophelia to Frida has shown us what a floral topper can do for a look, and these days there’s no single way to use them. Flowers are standing in for veils and other less stylish ornaments (tiaras, for one), revealing the face and shoulders. They add romance, texture and fragrance to the bridal look. They can be used to pick up the flowers used throughout the wedding or to unify the bridal party. They’re also more versatile than you might think, providing the perfect accompaniment to a more free spirited, lighthearted style as well as to a sleek, modern one.

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There are some guidelines. Both your stylist and your florist should be made aware early on of your intention to decorate your hair with fresh blooms. Some flowers lend themselves to being worn better than others, such as ranunculus, wax flower, lisianthus, spray roses, hypericum berries, succulents and orchids. Be open to what the experts advise in terms of how to place the flowers based on your hair type and wedding style, as well as the type of blooms you’ve selected. For crowns, bolder, hardier flowers and greens really hold up, but delicate halos of baby’s breath or more intricate flowers woven into the hair can be the perfect accompaniment too.

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And don’t forget the back of your head; chances are, your updo or style will be meant to be enjoyed from all angles. Keep your floral accents in focus too.

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