The Love Language Of Flowers

What sweet nothings are your flowers whispering?

Yes, your bridal bouquet is talking, and Eastern Floral Weddings is here to decode what it’s saying. Floriography, the study of the language of flowers, was a Victorian invention. And it makes sense, since at the time, full-blown expressions of love weren’t exactly welcomed. Lovers had to get creative in communicating their feelings to their beloved, and if the message was more than “I love you,” they really had their work cut out for them. Enter flowers.

It wasn’t long before couples began conveying their feelings and intentions through small bouquets that spoke volumes—symbolically. In fact, the Victorians even developed flower dictionaries for the express purpose of recording the meanings of flowers, which lovebirds could then use as a reference. There, they would learn that cumin signified fidelity, dandelion faithfulness, and ivy, wedded love. If a lover received a spider flower, it was an invitation to elope; if a gardenia revealed itself, that meant secret love.

Turns out, we still rely on meaningful flowers to build our bridal bouquets. Some of the most popular wedding blooms are also the most symbolic. There are plenty of floral dictionaries available today, but in the meantime, you can refer to our crib sheet to see what your wedding flowers are saying about your love.

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The Peony

This newly popular flower is not only the favorite of Meghan Markle (and featured prominently in the royal wedding), but also symbolizes romance, a happy life and a blissful marriage. Add a blushing pink peony to the mix to connote bashfulness.

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The Rose

Most of us already know what the red rose stands for: ardor, passion, undying love. But each color has its own meaning, with yellow roses symbolizing friendship and white ones hope. Red roses are magnificent in a fall or winter bouquet, and are actually called the “lovers rose.”

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The Orchid

Weave one of these exotic beauties into your bouquet and you’re suggesting refinement, love, luxury, beauty and strength. The orchid is also the Chinese symbol for many children.

The Daffodil

With a blossom as graceful and lighthearted as this one, its meaning may come as a surprise. Daffodils symbolize unparalleled love, as well as chivalry, good luck and new beginnings. This is the 10th wedding anniversary flower.

The Violet

This exquisite stunner is emblematic of faithfulness as well as faith, affection, intuition and love. If you add a violet or two to your bouquet, you are conveying your trustworthiness or acknowledging your partner’s.

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Along with making your bouquet smell enchanting, these slim stalks with their tiny purple buds stand for devotion.

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The little white buds that bloom from this shrub look like stars. Myrtle symbolizes love, which is why it so often appears in bridal bouquets across the pond.

Bells of Ireland

Add both a hint of green and a dose of good luck by tucking charming Bells of Ireland into your bouquet.


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