Fabulous Fabric & Flower Pairings

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Flowers and fabric have always made a happy union, especially at a wedding. There, we think of table linens and table flowers as making a statement together, working in conjunction to reflect a palette or to shore up a theme. A tablecloth can serve as a neutral backdrop to a profusion of florals, for instance, or it can add more texture and color. Along with flowers, swags of fabric can define the spot where vows are exchanged or become the dramatic decor in a ballroom.

These days, wedding textiles and flowers seem to be taking more of a cue from each other than ever before. Here are four ways we see flowers and fabrics make a perfect marriage.

Macrame & More

Macrame is back and better than ever (sorry, 70s). Fun creations made of knotted cord are showing up in weddings with a relaxed, bohemian vibe. They serve as suspended flower and plant containers, decorative wall pieces and even as chandeliers. Massive macrame hangings swing from ceremony arches or form the distinctive backdrop to outdoor nuptials, coupled with flowers, palm leaves or flowering vines. The look is fresh, easy and on trend.

Not-so-underground Velvet

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We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but velvet is having a moment,  leaving its impression on nearly every aspect of the wedding look. The “It” material is the foundation for sumptuous table runners and cloths, as well as ceremony backdrops and swags. Even bridal wear is getting the full velvet work-up: we’ve seen bridesmaid dresses, bridal heels, groom’s blazers and bow ties reflecting that telltale luster. And when it comes to flowers, bouquets are set off beautifully when they are tied with velvet ribbon or laid against the stuff to form a rich-looking tablescape.

Languid Loungers

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One of the most enduring trends we’ve seen in recent years is the indoors-out look, where formal seating is liberated from inside and brought out under the stars. Couples and their design teams are creating intimate seating areas using a variety of pieces, from prim and polished settees to sleek white couches. In many cases, the upholstery is the decor. An opulent, tufted lounger might be covered in a floral ivory pattern, as above, and then crowned with a vibrant display of flowers. Armchairs might be set right onto Oriental rugs in the grass, decorated with throw pillows and blankets. These seating schemes may be made by the textiles they use, but they’re made even better when flowers are involved. Vases of blooms may be set on side tables at a vintage-themed wedding or draped from the top of a teepee at a boho one.

The Most Important Fabric Of All

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The wedding gown is by far the most important piece of fabric in the entire wedding, and the bridal bouquet its most important flowers. The interplay between the gown and the bouquet is one of the most abiding images we take away from weddings. Together, these two items capture the mood and spirit of the ceremony. They are also responsible for showcasing and enhancing the bride’s beauty and happiness. In short, this flower and fabric pairing has to work well together. A clean, sophisticated bridal gown can become a canvas for statement flowers, while the floral overlay on a dress–whether it’s made of tulle or lace–can mimic the lush, romantic spill of flowers in the bride’s hands. The shape and style of the dress (as well as its shade) can help determine the style of the bouquet. Bright pops of color in a bouquet can complement a jewel-encrusted bodice, for instance, while a cascade-style bouquet pairs well with a long train or veil.

Let your creativity shine when you bring flowers and fabric together in your wedding. There are more ways than ever to do so.


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