Trends in Bouts (the kind on your lapel)

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When we’re talking wedding flowers, it can be easy to overlook the kind we pin to the groom. And yet these days, boutonnieres are a magnificent addition to the overall floral design, distinguishing one of the two most important people in the wedding and showing off his personality to boot. Today we take a look at what’s trending in boutonnieres and fall in love with these not-so-subtle adornments all over again.

Big Bold Bouts

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Big bold flowers are having their day on the lapel, just as they are in bouquets. It should come as no surprise that full-bloom roses as well as ranunculus and other statement flowers are unfurling at the collars of modern grooms everywhere, and we couldn’t be happier about it. The look is lush, romantic and the essence of simplicity; after all, if you put the focus on one gorgeous flower, what else do you need?

Earthy Approaches

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Instead of flowers, stylish grooms are taking cues from their wedding settings and wearing boutonnieres made of berries, wildflowers, foliage and herbs. Don’t be surprised if you see a veritable garden blossoming on the groom’s lapel. We love the look of olive leaves, eucalyptus or rosemary, as well as deep green ferns, oak leaves and acorns for a truly earthy appeal.

Cool Ideas

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This June, we saw not only pizza bouquets, but mini pizza boutonnieres, proving that lately, wearable florals are not only having a sense of humor but reflecting the style and personality of the man wearing them. We love the look of single succulent bouts, as well as lapel wreaths and bouts that incorporate feathers or other natural elements. If you’re not quite ready to wear a succulent bow tie, consider wearing one as a boutonniere to leave a lasting impression.

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