5 Fresh Takes On Bridal Bouquet Shapes

Bridal bouquet shapes have gotten a major update, refreshing the classic, tried-and-true styles that have complemented gowns for a century or more. We love how these approaches maintain a sense of tradition while also rethinking what’s possible for the most important bouquet of all.

Presentation, Hand Tied

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When you hear “presentation,” you may think of a splay of long-stemmed flowers displayed lengthwise along an arm. And while presentation bouquets are meant to do just that, they’re equally defined by their showy nature. We think this is an apt take on a presentation-style bouquet, as it could certainly be transferred to the crook of an arm for another perspective. Note that this version is also of the hand-tied variety, giving it a natural grace.


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If you thought cascade bouquets were better left to the 80s, think again. We’ve introduced a range of greens to our bouquets of late, and many are just perfect for achieving that cascade look. Trailing greens and vines are beautiful all on their own or as a backdrop to a progression of flowers that sprawl right along with them.


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This traditional style is prim, elegant and manageable. A cluster of white and pink roses is the essence of simplicity and is modernized by leaving the stems bare. We’re loving the clean, strong shape gained through the use of soft, ruffled flowers.

Instead of a nosegay…

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Call it the new nosegay. Instead of walking the aisle with a sweet gathering of blooms in hand, swing a delicate ring of them instead. This is a popular approach for bridesmaid’s flowers, but we love it for a bride, too. Given the trend toward using bold geometric shapes in wedding decor (and the hoopla over hoops, of course), it was only a matter of time before a ring of flowers became the new bouquet.

All Things

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We’re in a moment where bridal bouquets can be a single, essential flower or a rich arrangement of breathtaking scale and form. Palm leaves, statement flowers, herbs, wildflowers, lotus pods, succulents, grasses and more are making up dynamic, utterly singular bouquets. Stylish, creative brides are going for bouquets that show off their individuality, providing a little inspo for the rest of us.


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