A Bright Bridal Shower Idea (Hint: It Involves Flowers!)

When Kinfolk Magazine launched a flower potluck campaign back in 2013, they tapped into something we’ve long known: working with flowers together is fun.

For us, that means one of our Brunch and Design monthly classes. We provide the flowers and supplies, plus some friendly guidance and a theme, and our guests create away, making something singular in the process. The takeaway is literally a unique floral design, but it’s also a deeper connection to flowers and the art of working with them. It’s a wonderful way to meet people, learn something new and to be creative. We think it would make the perfect bridal shower or bride’s brunch, too. There’s even mimosas.

One of our most recent sessions was themed on using locally-grown products while enjoying some delicious brunch from Anna’s House
and sipping mimosas, but we’ve focused on tulips, jewel tones, tropicals, spring bulbs and much more at various workshops. It’s inspiring to stand in front of all of those bins of beautiful flowers and greens and to see your design come alive, getting to know much more about a particular type of floral or style in the process.

Our work space makes for a collaborative, upbeat experience, the perfect spirit for a bridal event. Designs can be admired over brunch and even used as the decor.

Our team helps guests concept and then execute their vision, providing plenty of tips about flowers and floral care along the way. We love the idea of a bridal event that goes beyond the usual, offering your friends and family the chance to make something beautiful and to experiment with flowers alongside an expert.

Designs show off the many approaches that can be taken with the same flowers, and at the end of each session, the room is lush with the gorgeous results. Give your lady crew an experience they won’t forget, and the chance to show off their creative chops. They’ll love this take-home gift.

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