Real Wedding Spotlight: Lydia & Mikey

Every now and again one of those weddings comes along where both the couple at its center and the event itself are pretty darn unforgettable. Lydia and Mikey are that couple. Their nuptial style is authentic to who they are, and so much fun to look at! We had a blast working with them on their late summer soiree, with its quirky and nostalgic touches that added up to a singularly gorgeous affair.

Wedding Date: 9/14/2018
Venue: The Cheney Place
Dress: Becker’s Bridal
Photographer: Mae Stier
Table Settings: Gigi & Laclede
Hair & Makeup: Otto + Grand
Food: Donkey Taqueria
Invitations: Lydia VanHoven-Cook

Tell us about your love story!

In January of 2011, Mikey’s video production company, Scopitone Vidbox, was hosting a party at a warehouse in Grand Rapids. Lydia showed up with a fifth of cheap whiskey, and unbeknownst to her, a mutual friend of Mikey’s, Joi. After watching a local band play at the party, Joi introduced Lydia to Mikey.

A few weeks later, Mikey and Lydia ended up at a local dive bar, The Meanwhile, with a group of friends. Then, after a few Facebook messages, they went on another date to The Meanwhile, this time alone. A few days later, Mikey invited Lydia over to watch “Portlandia” on his broken couch.

Mikey left the next day for a family vacation to Disney World. He called Lydia every night to chat. On Valentine’s Day, Mikey sent Lydia a valentine card with a cat on it, asking if he “can haz Valentine?” She said yes.

Eventually, Lydia moved into Mikey’s apartment. Eventually, they replaced the broken couch. Mikey was finishing his Photography degree, and Lydia had started working at a local ad agency. They spent a lot of time going to concerts and parties, making art together, laughing at everything, and hanging out with friends.

On their fifth anniversary, Mikey proposed to Lydia at the Blue Bridge in downtown Grand Rapids on an unseasonably warm February day. The proposal was followed by an amazing (and teary-eyed) dinner at Cygnus and then drinks with family and friends.

What are three words that best describe your wedding style?

Colorful. Eclectic. Boho-vintage.

What specific moment took your breath away?

There were so many breathtaking moments on the day of. But one that really sticks out was seeing my bridesmaids in their dresses, with hair and makeup done, with their bouquets, all for the first time. I did a “first look” with my girls, and they were (and still are!) all so gorgeous that I felt completely overwhelmed with love. Another moment I loved was walking downstairs and seeing the whole setup. My vendors and I had worked super hard on the plan for the space, and they all went above and beyond my expectations. It was amazing.

If you could do it all again, what’s one thing you would change for your big day, if anything?

I don’t think I’d change anything. The day was absolutely perfect! I was so relaxed and ready to get married. I was 100% true to my style and myself when designing the wedding, and it showed!

What made you choose to work with Eastern Floral?

Eastern Floral worked on my sister’s wedding back in 2017 and absolutely blew me away. Not only the amazing customer service, but Molly’s eye for design is impeccable. I wanted something super unique for my wedding, and I knew that Molly and her team were the only ones who could execute my crazy vision. Not only is Eastern Floral ultra creative, but their price point is great, too.

Tell us your experience with Eastern Floral.

From the initial consultation to the day of, Eastern Floral were amazing creative partners. Molly and her team responded to every little question I had super quickly. She worked with my budget to make my vision happen. And she knocked the florals out of the park! The table setup was absolutely stunning. I think I cried more when I saw the bouquets than I did when I saw my husband for the first time! Well, almost . . . But seriously, they took my breath away. I really feel like the floral at my wedding was a reflection of my love for Mikey: bright, happy, bursting with love and light, and a little bit weird.

What advice do you have for future brides/grooms when planning your floral?

Trust your florist! They are totally knowledgeable and really know how to make the best use of your dollar and your vision. And step outside your comfort zone! Just because blush pinks and deep greens are popular on Pinterest doesn’t mean that you have to follow that.

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