Gaze At These Tropical Flowers And Forget Winter

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Polar vortex shmortex. Allow us to transport you a bit closer to the equator.

In the midst of winter, there’s nothing like a subtropical flower design to lift the spirits. And if you think warm-weather wedding flowers are reserved for spring and summer only, think again: the flowers that pop in these designs are popping up all year long. Yes, these designs may lend themselves to beachy nuptials, but they’re just as perfect in an eclectic, modern-minded wedding. Colorful, provocative, and chock full of statement shapes, flowers like bromeliad, anthurium, and bird of paradise are a delightful counterpoint to the traditional bouquet.

Here our bride looks out over an urban scene, not a palm tree in sight. And yet her bouquet hints at more far-flung destinations. The scale, texture, and color of this bouquet is gorgeous against the crisp white backdrop of her dress and surroundings.

We love a bouquet that is versatile enough to become a centerpiece on the sweetheart table later.

You can get a rich punch of color from a floral design that takes a tropical approach, even when the flowers themselves aren’t inherently tropical. Here a rose in a very Pantone Living Coral color mingles with orchid and bird of paradise to create a vivid bouquet.

On the other hand, tropical designs can be subtle, too. Witness how billows of hydrangea and orchid create a serene, organic-feeling design. The bridal bouquet itself is just a touch lush while the bridesmaid’s flowers remain composed. Tropical flowers are versatile and vibrant additions to your any-time-of-year wedding. They add spirit, color, and exotic appeal to a day (or night) that calls for just that.

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