Altered States: Beautiful Ceremony Decor

There’s a wide, wide world of ceremony decor out there, from suspended altar pieces that brush the happy couple with flowers to striking pyramid arches that frame the lake backdrop. With so many options available, deciding on one or two looks may be an unexpected challenge. Not to worry. Eastern Floral Weddings is showcasing our favorite approaches today, so dive right in and explore the many arches, installations, and arrangements that await your nuptial space.


Strong Shapes

Sidney Baker-Green

We love the clean, contemporary look of this wedding, and especially the use of pillars to create an elegantly modern altar. Phalaenopsis orchids and monstera leaves make sleek, simple accents, while palm fronds splay along the aisle. This is the perfect aesthetic for a wedding that’s held in a museum (in this case, the Grand Rapids Art Museum) or other forward-thinking space. Want the same effect outdoors? Check out the strong architectural appeal of this triangle arch. We love the juxtaposition of clean lines with the natural wood, all of it softened by one lush gathering of greenery and protea.

Tana Helene Photography

Prefer a circle to a triangle? Spring for suspended hoops laced with eucalyptus, roses, and ruby red amaranthus. These whimsical, fragrant pieces define the nuptial space and make for a fun focal point.

Amanda Steffke Photography


Floral Canopies

Sarah Jane Photography

Oh, the grandeur! Lavish a chuppah with flowers (the more the merrier!) and you’ve successfully brought the garden in. This look is full of drama, owing to the various contrasts between materials and light, and we can’t get enough of it. If the rest of the space is kept spare, you statement arch will get all of the attention.

Emily Capisciolto Photo 

Here the same philosophy applies, with the floral installation hovering above the couple instead. Just as lush, this grouping of dahlias, gerbera daisies, spray roses and more takes on an ethereal effect when it’s suspended rather than firmly rooted to the ground. A fun pop of color brings some additional interest to this beautifully simple set-up. A dash of color is also a prominent feature of this outdoor arch arrangement. Here flowers and greens billow from either corner of the structure, leaving a space free for the couple in the middle and perfectly framing Gun Lake at the Bay Pointe Inn.

Tifani Lyn Photography


More Than Meets The Aisle

Bradley Productions

Take a refreshing (and refreshed) approach to designating your aisles. Here armrests get the royal treatment, topped with arrangements of orchids and amaranthus, themselves entwined with fairy lights for an enchanting effect. There’s no reason not to draw the eye to your aisles with gorgeous pocket designs such as these. They bring life and vibrancy to the space. Just as magical? These hanging geometric pieces filled with similar florals and greens.

Bradley Productions

Let your ceremony decor reflect the unique spirit of your wedding. Creativity counts!

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