Designer Focus: Meet Britt!

We’re a family of flower lovers here at Eastern Floral Weddings, but we all bring a little something different to the table. Today, we’re debuting a blog series that showcases our fantastic team of wedding and event designers, who tell us what led them to Eastern Floral and what they love about their work. First up? Get to know Britt!

Tell us a little about yourself & your position here at Eastern Floral:

My background is in hospitality, but I was eager to try something new that I was passionate about. Eastern has given me the opportunity to learn and grow at my position in special events. I also assist in weddings as a set-up extraordinaire. My range of tasks include anything from constructing a design recipe and prepping vases to event/wedding set-ups and problem solving. That is what keeps it exciting – every day is different!

What is your favorite thing to design? 

I love to design big, beautiful compote arrangements with long trailing foliage. I also love incorporating succulents/plants into floral arrangements for added texture and dimension.

What’s a fun floral memory you’d like to share?

There are so many!! My happiest memories are on set-ups. Hanging installations are fun challenges and a common theme for wedding set-ups. One time in particular, we constructed a luscious wave of greenery above the entire aisle of the ceremony space. Imagine walking into a forest under a canopy of vines and foliage. It looked AWESOME, and it was such a fun and rewarding experience to see it all come together.

What’s one of your favorite flowers and why?

Honestly, it depends on the day, but if I had to choose it would be stock. Stock has been my favorite for a long time. It has that wildflower look, and I can’t get enough of the amazing scent it gives off. Toffee roses are a close second!

What’s a floral trend that you cannot get enough of?

Plants! Small potted green plants or succulents that act as centerpieces but also for guests to take home and enjoy.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

It is truly a mind, body, and soul experience every single day. Being able to have a job that allows creativity while working with the beauty that nature creates is truly a blessing. I also love that I am constantly learning.

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