Plants + Weddings = Gorgeous

Ready to be a green goddess?

Don’t get us wrong, weddings draped in flowers are absolutely stunning. Here at Eastern Floral Weddings, we’re enthusiastic fans. But putting plants front and center in your nuptial scene is an equally stunning move, and we’ve got the photos to prove it. Whether you’re using potted or air plants, succulents or ferns, garden-green goodness is becoming an increasingly popular way to dress up your wedding, indoors and out.

On The Tables

Amanda Groendyke Photography

A touch of fern, a bit of green, and an elegant white tablescape is instantly enlivened. Plants and greenery bring a breath of fresh air to the center of your reception tables without taking the attention away from the main event – you.

Think Dieffenbachia was just for the home office or the kitchen windowsill? Think again. Here it brings earthy appeal to a table decorated with simple white lanterns.

K. Suzanne Photography

Ashley Slater Photography

How bright and festive are these centered scenes, featuring mixed green plants, copper accents, and teensy animals? Plants can provide a pop of personality and fun, too. Tell a story on your tables by combining them with other meaningful items.

Ashley Slater Photography

Along The Aisle

Amanda Groendyke Photography

We can all agree that hanging a plant – in this case a fern – in a simple pot from aisle chairs is a great way to decorate the path to wedded bliss. Use vintage containers to customize the look and combine with candles to create a lush, romantic mood.

In The Hands & In The Hair

Castro Photography

Ground some air plants in a fluid-looking bouquet. Here flowers give way to the main statement, air plants that look like a bloom. Add greenery for a unique, natural bouquet that feels fresh and new. Want to wear your greens instead? A crown crafted from tough, durable succulents is just the thing. Make your flower girl a green girl with this eye-catching array of mixed succulents full of texture.

Around The Candles

Use moss and succulents as a garland around candles and other decor items instead of greenery. It’s like bringing the garden right onto the surfaces of your event, a true outdoors-in feel. A bed of plants looks gorgeous illuminated by candlelight.

In The Great Outdoors

Tifani Lyn Photography

Don’t be afraid to bring some trees to your scene, even if there are plenty around! Here a sleek, wispy version rises from a rustic planter to decorate an outdoor entryway, introducing some of nature’s majesty to the reception area.

There are plenty of ways to use plants as decor in your wedding or event. Let your green thumbs be your guide.

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