Summer’s Brightest Bouquets

Color is a big deal all the time, but in summer? It just feels right. And that goes for bridal bouquets of all shapes, styles, and sizes. Formal, informal, polished, romantic, modern: when you let bright pops of color guide your floral planning, you can’t go wrong, no matter your wedding aesthetic. Here we explore the rainbow of options, gorging out on gorgeous color.


Red signals passion and telegraphs energy, and it always makes for a statement bouquet. Mix other vivid florals with a showstopper crimson bloom, and you’ll have a visually arresting bouquet no one can take their eyes away from.

Go all out and build a rainbow bouquet, featuring red as the primary color. Layers of softer hues really bring out the boldest hues in the bouq, but red couldn’t do it here without an assist from those blushing roses, which brings us to . . .


Whether you’re feeling a rosy posy, a dramatic salmon gathering, or a wash of blush petals, pink is one of the most promising palettes for bridal bouquets. You can build one that is a study in nuanced pink shades or just borrow a few flowers in that tone to lighten up a bolder look. There’s nothing more romantic than a pink flurry of flowers.


Mysterious, intriguing, and always interesting, purple will add serious interest to your bouquet. Combine it with ferns to lend an exotic feel. Purple flowers truly set a mood and look fabulous when contrasted with yellow, pink, and even peach companions.


Yellow is bright and spirited, the perfect choice for a wildflower or garden-esque gathering that looks free and easy. Keep it simple with white and green complements, or arrange your yellow buds around a substantial succulent for a more grounded feel.


Orange may not be the first hue on the spectrum you think of when it comes to designing a bridal bouquet, but it deserves its moment in the sun. Here, vivid examples pair with anemone for a striking effect. Whether you go for an intense peach or a true orange with a Bird of Paradise at the center of your bouquet, orange brings a blazing appeal that more than hints at the season at hand, no pun intended.

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