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Congratulations on your engagement!  Once wedding planning is underway, there are many decisions to make – and our experts at Eastern Floral want to make sure that you have the wedding you have always dreamed of! With over 70 years of experience, we have the beautiful ideas, creative inspiration, and professional expertise that will make all the difference. Don’t settle for anything less than an extraordinarily beautiful day!

When Should You Contact Us?
After you have booked your venue and selected your dresses, schedule your first consultation with one of our wedding planning experts. This first meeting will allow us to get to know you, become familiar with your style and your desires, and help you to begin to envision the aesthetics of your wedding flowers – from color to variety, to making it all work beautifully within budget. We have long-standing relationships with the most popular venues in town and are here to make everything as easy and seamless as possible.

What Should You Bring to Your Consultation?
Your Pinterest board is one of the most effective ways for our floral designers to determine your personal style. You will also want to bring photos of both the ceremony and reception venues, especially if you have chosen a unique or unconventional location. Fabric swatches from your dresses and linens are extremely helpful for us to choose the perfect shades and colors for your bouquets and arrangements. Let us guide you through this easy and fun experience.

Don’t Forget the Extras!
Eastern Floral is happy to rent you all of the wedding details you are looking for – Unique Vases, Arbors + Arches, Candleholders, Glassware and more.

How Else Can We Help You
We know how nervous you can be about how everything will turn out. That’s why we are proud to offer our brides a floral preview the day before the wedding. We will show you what your bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and venue arrangements will actually look like – allowing you to have peace of mind knowing it is all going to be beautiful! This exclusive service of Eastern Floral is sure to alleviate any last-minute worries and let you concentrate on the big day.

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