Best Bridesmaid Bouquet Concepts

Once upon a time, bridal bouquets fell into specific categories, depending on their design. You might have a cascade or a round or a composite gathering in your hands, and it all depended on the shape and style of your flowers. For florists, these designations can be a useful shorthand as they set about collecting the flowers for and designing your bouquets, since the labels offer important details about how many flowers will be used, what kind, at what length, and alongside which greens or other floral elements. But today, we’re more free to create crossover looks. Brides want flowers that reflect their individual style and are feeling less beholden to the traditional shapes. They want their bridesmaids to shine with a unique grouping of flowers, and who can blame them?

In that spirit, Eastern Floral Weddings is highlighting some of our favorite bridesmaid bouquet looks, each of which borrows from many of the classic categories.

Soft, Neutral Gatherings

Mae Stier

We love the idea of keeping it neutral for the bridesmaids, and reserving just a pop of color for the bride. Here the look is lush and a little free-form, a kind of “hand picked but polished” vibe. So many outstanding florals are in play here, from succulents to ranunculus to silver dollar eucalyptus and garden roses.

Wild Green Wonders

Amanda Groendyke Photography

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Here, bridesmaids are adorned with simple foliage crowns of the deepest, glossiest green. Their bouquets appear to have been plucked straight from the woods and from among the wildflowers, with an unstructured, triangular shape stuffed with grasses, fern, roses, and more. Like Greek goddesses they gather around the bride, whose bouquet introduces a richer, deeper palette.

Amanda Groendyke Photography

Bright, Modern Bouqs

Mae Stier

From a bed of substantial leaves these bridesmaid’s bouquets emerge, featuring quirky, unconventional flowers like crespedia and protea. The fresh, citrus-forward color scheme keeps everything upbeat and visually interesting. You can use flowers to distinguish one bridesmaid from another; in this case, the maid-of-honor to the bride’s left, who has just a touch more color in her bouquet. Modern bridesmaid bouquets can be full of personality and whimsy. It’s all about being creative and representing the unique character of each couple.

Hip, Happy Hoops 

Kelsey Pasma Photo

Speaking of shapes, the hoop is having a major impact in wedding decor, from ceremonial backdrops to now bouquets. We love the easy, modern look of this hoop arrangement, a kind of floral bauble that can be clutched and swung down the aisle for an extra cool, extra pretty effect.

Kelsey Pasma Photo

Bonus points for this bouquet being a dual-purpose item: gorgeous as the bridesmaids’ floral piece, equally gorgeous as chair decor later. It’s fun, fresh, and practical.

Kelsey Pasma Photo

Foliage-Forward Flowers

Tana Helene Photography

If you’re feeling green texture, make leaves, grasses, and other floral elements the focal point of your bridesmaid’s bouquets, and let the flowers shine elsewhere. A lush grouping of inspired greens looks disarmingly fresh and sophisticated against stylish neutral dresses. The bride’s bouquet can make use of same with the addition of some striking white flowers. Even the bridesman is working the foliage-forward look here on his lapel.

Create the perfect floral suite for your special ladies (and men), and feel free to explore the full range of modern shapes while you’re at it.

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    The Brides Bouquet January 17, 2020 at 6:29 am #

    Bridesmaid bouquets always look very beautiful and innovative. They always lighten the wedding with their unique and elegant look. I read your other blogs as well but I personally liked this one very well.

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