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5 Fresh Takes On Bridal Bouquet Shapes

Bridal bouquet shapes have gotten a major update, refreshing the classic, tried-and-true styles that have complemented gowns for a century or more. We love how these approaches maintain a sense of tradition while also rethinking what’s possible for the most important bouquet of all. Presentation, Hand Tied Heather Michelle Photography When you hear “presentation,” you […]

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Fabulous Fabric & Flower Pairings

Heather Michelle Photography Flowers and fabric have always made a happy union, especially at a wedding. There, we think of table linens and table flowers as making a statement together, working in conjunction to reflect a palette or to shore up a theme. A tablecloth can serve as a neutral backdrop to a profusion of […]

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The Love Language Of Flowers

What sweet nothings are your flowers whispering? Yes, your bridal bouquet is talking, and Eastern Floral Weddings is here to decode what it’s saying. Floriography, the study of the language of flowers, was a Victorian invention. And it makes sense, since at the time, full-blown expressions of love weren’t exactly welcomed. Lovers had to get creative in […]

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